FR Plumbing understands the complexity that any commercial building can bring to the table and with our strong background in commercial/high-rise building maintenance we have the tools and knowledge to take on any challenge that they can bring. From single zone to multi zone buildings, simple to modern system, we approach every situation with full attention and awareness.

- Custom retrofit projects

- New build projects

- Back flow preventer install/replacement

 -Booster, recirculation and sewage pump repair/replacement

- Boiler re-pipe

- PRV valve repair/replacement 

- Multi zone building shut down

- Isolation/main valves replacement

- Leak trouble shooting

- Water cross connection 

- Clean out installation 

- Main/riser valve locate and tagging

- Drain cleaning ( snaking, hydro jetting, descaling and camera inspection)

- Water service replacement

- Fixture install/replacement

- Grease/oil interceptor

And much more...